About Us

We’re Here to Help San Francisco’s Children have a Bright Future

First 5 San Francisco is dedicated to the healthy development of children birth to five years. Our mission is to advance a shared commitment to support young children, from birth to five, and their families with abundant opportunities to be healthy, to learn, and to grow. We are proud to offer resources, support, educational tools, and the Preschool for All and Family Resource Center initiatives for the entire San Francisco community. Regardless of income, our robust network of grantees and service providers are here to serve you.

Why do we Choose to Focus on Early Childhood?

Extensive research shows that a child’s brain develops most dramatically during the first five years of life. Positive early developmental experiences are critical to assuring that children’s first years lay a strong foundation for their later success. By focusing specifically on the first five years, First 5 San Francisco strives to improve the likelihood that all children in San Francisco will be healthy, prepared for school and given access to key resources.

Our Funding Sources

First 5 San Francisco, the state First 5 commission, and other county First 5 commissions were created in 1998 through the passage of Proposition 10.

Proposition 10 Funding

Proposition 10, passed in November of 1998, and added a 50 cent per-pack tax on cigarettes and tobacco products, which is distributed to individual county First 5 programs and First 5 California. Twenty percent of the Proposition 10 revenue is allocated to First 5 California, which supports statewide education and outreach programs, and the remaining 80 percent is distributed to California’s 58 counties. Currently the Proposition 10 tax generates approximately $500 million annually. First 5 San Francisco receives approximately $6 million annually in Proposition 10 funds, which we use to support our locally based initiatives.