Family Support

Parents are a child’s first and best teachers and the primary influence on a child’s development. Over time, young children who benefit from strong parent-child relationships have greater self-confidence, do better in school and have positive relationships with peers. Creating rich support networks for parents and caregivers enhances their ability to fulfill this critically important role in their child’s life.
The San Francisco Family Resource Center Initiative lead by First 5 San Francisco and jointly funded with the Department of Children, Youth, and Their Families, and the San Francisco Human Services Agency, has established a network of 25 Family Resource Centers across the city. Centers provide a warm, welcoming, and respectful place where families can connect with one another, build parenting skills and knowledge of child development, and receive concrete supports when needed. As described in the following pages, the Initiative has also created a solid foundation for building the quality and accessibility of family support city-wide and has offered a centralized access point for the integration of other services critical to child and family well-being.

Goals, Outcomes, and Strategies



Family support programs and systems improve families’ ability to support children’s life long success.



  1. Family Resource Center staff has skills and knowledge to deliver high quality service to children and families.
  2. Parents/caregivers use effective parenting practices as a child grows and develops.
  3. Families have knowledge and skills to navigate systems of care.


  1. Develop a comprehensive system to review and support the quality of family support services, and to build a highly skilled family support center workforce.
  2. Invest in, sustain and enhance FRCs in partnership with the Human Services Agency, Department of Children, Youth and Their Families, and other stakeholders.
  3. Support and engage families through innovative, new technologies.

Family Resource Center Initiative

Since 2009, San Francisco has been home to the Family Resource Center Initiative, a system of Family Resource Centers funded by First 5 San Francisco, the Department of Children Youth, and their Families, and San Francisco Human Services Agency.

The Family Resource Center Initiative, and the system as a whole, shares a common vision, shared goals, and a focus on quality. A carefully designed funding model allows for increasing service intensity based on neighborhood and population need. Research conducted on funded centers show that services are impacting families in ways that are critical to children’s readiness for kindergarten and ongoing school success.

We invite you to learn more about our city’s Family Resource Center Initiative. Find a center in your neighborhood on our map, learn more about the services and opportunities available at each center.

Family Resource Center Locations

Throughout San Francisco, 25 Family Resource Centers (FRCs) are available to serve you and your family. Regardless of age, income, sexual orientation, gender, or disability, FRCs are open to everyone, making it easy for families to find support.

Family Resource Center Brochure

Given the wide variety of activities available locally, we strongly encourage you to find your nearest Family Resource Center today – our mission is to provide services that will help you and your children thrive. For more information and to contact your local FRC please download the FRC brochure below.