Since 2004, San Francisco’s innovative Preschool For All (PFA) program has supported reduced-cost and free preschool access for San Francisco County 4-year-old children, regardless of family income, ethnicity, or background. As the city agency responsible for administering PFA, First 5 San Francisco contracts with qualified preschool providers to fund these reduced-cost enrollments. PFA funding also enriches the preschool programs that participate in PFA.

If you run an early childhood education program in San Francisco, you may be eligible to become a PFA provider. As a PFA preschool, you’ll be joining a large network of high-quality early education programs that are helping to achieve San Francisco’s goal of universal preschool access for all 4-year olds in the city.

We invite you to browse this web site to learn more about our PFA standards, application process, and our support network for participating schools.

The best place to begin is with the Preschool For All Baseline Criteria. This document lists the "pre-entry" requirements that must be met by all preschools, regardless of size or license type, prior to approval for PFA funding.

Preschools demonstrate meeting the Baseline Criteria through the PFA Provider Application process. Some schools may qualify for "Pre-PFA" technical assistance and resources to support any adaptations they may need to make to meet the Baseline Criteria.

It's also useful to review the "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) for potential PFA providers. There, you'll find detailed information about how preschools can qualify, and what PFA participation requires once a preschool is approved.

We’re always looking for more high-quality private and public preschools to join our network. We hope you’ll become a member – you’ll be uniting with a long list of distinguished schools that are helping us transform educational opportunities for our city’s children. Visit the PFA Provider Application process section of our web site; or call our PFA Information Line at (415) 354-3873 for more information about how to become a PFA participating preschool.