Support for Families of Children with Disabilities

March 29, 2018

Support for Families of Children with Disabilities

Drop-In Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9:30 am – 4:30 pm, Thursday and Thursday, 12:30 – 8:30 pm

The purpose of Support for Families is to ensure that families of children with any kind of disability or special health care need, and the providers who serve them, have the knowledge and support to make informed choices that enhance children’s development and well-being.  We promote partnership with families, professionals and the community at large, because it is through partnership that we create a community where our children can flourish. Most of our staff members, volunteers, and board members are, themselves, family members of children with disabilities. All direct services, groups, trainings, and events at Support for Families are free.

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1663 Mission Street, 7th Floor

San Francisco, CA 94103

Services  Provided

Classification Service Description How to Access
Community Connections Workshops and classes Support for Families offers educational workshops and clinics to help parents and professionals understand available resources and navigate systems of care. Weekly and monthly workshops cover topics such as IEPs and Transition, and specific issues related to children with disabilities provided by experts in the field. Childcare and interpreter services are also available. By registration
Community Connections Family and community events Special Family Events and Activities provide opportunities for families of children with special needs to experience new activities in a stress-free, accepting space. We have annual large events, monthly movie nights hosted at Support for Families, and Family Access Days which are events where we partner with aquariums, museums, and other cultural institutions in San Francisco. By registration
Community Connections Parent leadership and volunteer opportunities  The Parent Mentor Program provides training to parents/guardians of children with disabilities who volunteer to be matched with other parents to offer support and resources on an individualized basis. We are also always looking for volunteers to help with agency operations, and at our family and community events! By registration
Community Connections Information and referrals We maintain an extensive resource library for families and professionals, comprised of multi-lingual books, periodicals, reference materials and media related to children with disabilities and special health care needs.

We also have a Toy Lending Library, iPad Lending Program, and Early Literacy Kits. Our staff are well equipped to provide referrals to agencies and programs outside of Support for Families to help the family to build a network of community and support.

Drop-in, by appointment or referral
Parenting Advice and Skill Building Infants and babies playgroup At Infant Massage, caregivers learn to massage their baby to increase bonding, and communication. Caregivers will learn nurturing strokes that help to sooth and comfort their baby. (Cantonese, Spanish and English) By registration
Parenting Advice and Skill Building Toddlers and preschool playgroups Play Learn Connect is a playgroup for families that have children ages 0-3. This group inclusive of typically developing children, and those with special needs.(Cantonese, Spanish and English) By registration
Parenting Advice and Skill Building Parenting classes Triple P – Support for Families offers the Positive Parenting Program. Caregivers learn the skills such as developing positive relationships, attitudes, and conduct to help them prevent and treat behavior and emotional issues their children may have. (English and Spanish) By registration
Parenting Advice and Skill Building Support groups The American Sign Language (ASL) Support Group will help you try to bridge the gap between hearing parents and their children by understanding some of the struggles you face when communicating with your child.

We have groups that are age, language, and or disability specific. We are always looking to meet the needs of the community, so please contact us if you are interested in starting a new group.

By registration
Formal Supports Developmental screening We provide trainings and technical assistance on the use of ASQ-3, ASQ:SE-2, M-CHAT to early childhood educators and healthcare clinic staff.  The purpose is to conduct consistent developmental surveillance and screening of children from birth to age five. Trained staff can also assist families on-site at clinics and in the family resource center, in understanding and completing the tool, as needed. Drop-in, by appointment or referral
Formal Supports Counseling, case management Support for Families has social work staff to provide short term counseling and case management services. (English, Cantonese and Spanish)  By appointment or referral

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