Just 5 Years.

Every year of a child’s life is precious, but the first 5 years are our greatest opportunity to inspire, nurture, and prepare them to reach their potential.

First 5 San Francisco is committed to creating a system that ensures every child can thrive and learn. We provide public investment, expertise, and leadership to put resources in the hands of those who care for our city’s children.​

COVID-19 Update

First 5 San Francisco has shifted to a remote work environment. While our physical office space is now closed, we remain an open resource to our community. There are a number of measures we are taking to ensure the safety of our employees, community, programs and the children and families we serve. 

A full list of staff with contact information can be found on the “Our Team” page. 

Thank you for continuing to advocate for young families during this time, @RepJimmyPanetta! 👏 This is what advocacy looks like at the federal level! #earlychildhood #earlycare #childcare https://twitter.com/RepJimmyPanetta/status/1288520151353167873

Rep. Jimmy Panetta@RepJimmyPanetta

Just 29% of child care and education centers in Monterey County are open and operating. The Child Care is Essential Act will help providers stay open and safely operate during this pandemic but also play a critical part in our nation's rebuilding and recovery.

After a 17-year battle, tens of thousands of #childcare workers will have a #union, Child Care Providers United, to represent them in negotiations with the state over pay, working conditions, and more. https://bit.ly/3f944bZ

“There is no road to recovery in San Francisco without child care,” says Gina Fromer, of the Children's Council of San Francisco


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Our Initiatives

Family Resource Centers

Partnering with community-based programs that support all families to build promising futures.

Quality Connections

Supporting early educators to provide rich, high-quality early learning experiences for all children.

Help Me Grow

Implementing a system of developmental screening tools and early intervention supports to ensure children are provided with services they need.

We are a San Francisco City and County Department that designs, implements, and funds solutions to ensure the health, well-being and education of young children and their families. We seek to create lasting change in our city through a culture of passion, excellence, and strong partnership.

Children and their families served at 26 Family Resource Centers across San Francisco
Early childhood educators receiving professional development
Children receiving developmental screening

It makes a difference.

First 5 San Francisco supports the professionals who make the biggest difference in children’s and families’ lives.

Early educators like Ling Huang can change the trajectory for the children in their care.

By investing in the people who care for children and families and the systems that support them, our impact is increased exponentially.

Latest News


We commit to backing up these words with actions.

We do not wish to overshadow the other important words and information being shared, and yet we cannot be silent. So we will keep our words concise and direct. First 5 San Francisco condemns racism in all its forms. We stand in solidarity with the...

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Support for families of children with disabilities provides community connection during COVID crisis.

The purpose of Support for Families is to ensure that families of children with any kind of disability or special health care need, and the providers who serve them, have the knowledge and support to make informed choices that enrich the...

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The Value of Early Care and Education

This commentary was submitted by volunteer contributor Eliana Elias, Quality Connections Coach, First 5 San Francisco, and Barbra Blender, Quality Connections Coach, First 5 San Francisco. How do we measure the contributions of professionals that...

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“I believe that every parent has the strength they need… it’s my role to help them become empowered on their own by seeing their own strength.”
Zoila Cartagena Velasquez
Facilitator of a First 5-funded Family Support Group