Photo: Michael Macor, The San Francisco Chronicle

Last year, First 5 San Francisco commissioned a scientific evaluation on whether PFA improved outcomes for children. The results from the research are back, and we’re happy to report that PFA is now proven to increase children’s academic and social skills. With this latest research and findings from other independent sources, the facts are now undeniable:


  1. PFA has improved equal education opportunity by raising preschool participation rates in the City to among the highest levels in the nation, especially among Latino and African American children;
  2. PFA has also increased preschool program quality – including learning environments and teacher-child interactions –to among the highest levels in the nation; and
  3. PFA has produced big advantages in children’s school readiness, with PFA children gaining a 3-4 month advantage in early literacy and math skills over children without PFA, and even more pronounced gains in self-regulation skills.


If you’re interested in reading more about the study or the media coverage on our impressive results, please check out the links below.

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Research Reports

Evaluating Preschool for All Effectiveness – Summary Brief (Download 248 kB PDF)
Evaluating Preschool for All Effectiveness – Research Brief (Download 676 kB PDF)
Evaluating Preschool for All Quality – Research Brief (Download 244 kB PDF)