Grants funded through the March 2012 NOFA, Family Resource Center Initiative, are funded through June 30, 2015 and are renewable for up to two additional years.  The FRC joint funders have decided that current grants will be extended through FY 16-17 and be re-bid next fall 2016.  The extension of grants will allow the next FRC grant initiative to implement priorities identified in the current planning being done by the Department of Children, Youth and their Families, the Our Children Our Families effort and the new First 5 Strategic Plan.

In the grant extension period, First 5 and its funding partners will continue to focus on the quality discussion started in this funding cycle.  We will also be investigating, in partnership with all of you, additional service offerings to meet the needs of families and implications for services and evaluation of the new theory of change and logic model.  This may result in pilot efforts within the initiative.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns and thank you for all you do on behalf of families and children.