BasQnG7CUAAcTPfEarly education has seen a surge of interest among politicians in the past year. At the federal level, President Barack Obama devoted parts of his last two State of the Union speeches to advocate for universal preschool. At the state level, legislative leaders have called for expanding the state’s transitional kindergarten program to serve all 4-year-olds. Locally, Mayor Ed Lee has stepped up and championed San Francisco’s own successful Preschool for All program.


During the Great Recession, early education took its lumps, especially at the state level, where California slashed funding for programs by more than $1 billion. Now that the economic sun is starting to shine again, a conversation about early education is exactly what we should be having now at all levels of government. There is simply no better time to make an investment in our youngest children that can pay dividends for decades to come.


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