Family Support

First 5 San Francisco’s school readiness assessment in 2015 made clear the critical nature of school readiness in the long-range health, well-being, and academic success of children. Two of the most significant findings from the report were, that African American children were less likely to be ready for kindergarten than their peers, and a parent’s connection to formal and informal resources and supports played a significant role in kindergarten readiness.

As a result of these findings, Family Resource Center (FRC) Initiative staff convened to develop recommendations for funders and family support providers to better engage African American families at FRCs. Co-facilitated by Homeless Prenatal Program’s Carla Roberts and First 5 San Francisco, the group met over five, three-hour sessions to produce the report found here.

The FRC Community Conversations Series will return in August to develop a plan for implementation of these recommendations, so stay tuned for more!