Family Resource Centers

Warm, welcoming, and respectful places for families to connect with vital comprehensive services.

well-being is children’s

When families aren't supported,
children are at risk.

Research shows that parental coping, social support, and strong parent-child relationships are critical factors in children’s academic, social, and emotional readiness for kindergarten. Yet research also shows that families in San Francisco feel increasingly isolated and unsupported, and entrenched toxic stress puts families at risk of not being able to meet their children’s needs.

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San Francisco families need more support.


of families in San Francisco report experiencing one or more risk factors that could negatively impact their well-being


of families report not having, or only somewhat having, a strong support system of family, friends, and community resources

26 funded
family resource centers

Located throughout every neighborhood, Family Resource Centers (FRCs) provide safe places where families can join other families in fun activities that enhance their knowledge and skills as parents.

FRCs join together lived experience and real-world knowledge to strengthen and support the needs of families in their neighborhoods.

A safe place for every family

The Family Resource Center Impact

In the past 10 years, San Francisco has seen a dramatic improvement in child welfare thanks in part to FRCs.


Reduction in the substantiated rate of child abuse in San Francisco.


Reduction in the rate of children placed in foster care.

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Building community, disrupting isolation, strengthening families

We build providers' skills so that they can help families thrive.

Since 2011, the FRCs have been a city-supported framework for strengthening families, offering welcoming places to learn about child development, build parenting skills, and get much-needed peer support. For families dealing with crises, Family Resource Centers provide resources, referrals, and comprehensive case management.

The Family Resource Center Initiative
is funded by First 5 San Francisco; the Department of Children, Youth and Their Families; and the San Francisco Human Services Agency.

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