On Tuesday, April 24, 2019,  a crowd of more than 200 early educators, families, and community members joined together at San Francisco State University to celebrate the “Festival of Learning,” an event highlighting project based learning (PBL) in pre-K classrooms across the city.  

Speakers from EDvanceSFi3 Center of Gravity, and First 5 San Francisco shared their accomplishments over the past year around instruction in PBL classrooms and the benefits of allowing children to guide their own learning through intent, inquiry, and innovation. Early educators also gave first-hand accounts of the projects on display. Projects ranged from “when you have ants in your pants and you have to do the booty dance” to “exploring ways to promote empathy”.  

“Our goal with PBL is to allow a child’s natural ability for inquiry to guide our own thinking about classrooms and curriculum in a different way,” said event organizer Michelle Grant-Groves. “The educators worked so hard throughout the year to build these projects with their students. We really saw ‘inquiry-by-design’ come to life today. It demonstrated the city’s next generation of innovative minds.” 

The 2019 Festival of Learning exhibits are on view and open to the public for the entire month of May in the Civic Center are. You can view them in the Great Hall of the Hiram Johnson Building  at 455 Golden Gate Avenue and in the San Francisco Public Utilities Building at 525 Golden Gate Avenue.