Systems Change

Last week, First 5 San Francisco unveiled a new website designed to increase the visibility of First 5’s investments, our grantees’ activities, and the positive differences we are making for young children and their families in San Francisco.

Children’s school readiness, which has been the central purpose of First 5 since its inception more than 20 years ago, will continue to guide First 5’s work. The new website weaves a common narrative across each of our major initiatives:

·         Identifying school readiness needs and the challenges our early childhood systems face to ensure that, by 2023, all children in San Francisco enter kindergarten with the academic and social-emotional skills essential to success in school;

·         Laying out research-informed, equity-focused approaches that cut across family support, child development, and health to achieve our citywide readiness goals; and

·         Demonstrating the real outcomes of our work, through research and data on the one hand, and personal stories and testimonials on the other.

Our previous website ushered in a new strategic plan for First 5, while the new website aims to showcase our actions and highlight our effectiveness. Perhaps there is no better example of the latter than our new “Impact” page, which serves as our annual community report/dashboard and will chart our progress over time.