We have great news! After a year of planning and partnership building, San Francisco has just been recognized as a Help Me Grow affiliate by Help Me Grow California and the Help Me Grow National Center (HMG), becoming one of only five California counties to receive affiliate status.

“On behalf of the National Center, we welcome HMG San Francisco to the Help Me Grow National Network! We are delighted to learn of San Francisco’s affiliate status in California and look forward to working with you to bring Help Me Grow to the children and families of San Francisco.”

San Francisco’s application represented the collaborative efforts of Support for Families, Golden Gate Regional Center, San Francisco Unified, the Department of Public Health – Maternal, Child, Adolescent Health and Community Behavioral Health, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, and First 5 San Francisco. These partners have committed to working together to strengthen and expand our local system for early identification of developmental concerns and to provide families with connections to needed services.

Early detection and connection to needed services results in the best possible outcomes for children who have developmental and behavioral challenges; however, all too often the early warning signs are missed or the barriers to accessing appropriate services are simply too difficult and overwhelming. The support of Help Me Grow ensures targeted outreach, a centralized connecting point and use of data and information to break down larger system barriers.

Help Me Grow is not a single, direct service; it is an evidence-based system  that has been adopted in 19 other states.  As a selected affiliate, San Francisco will receive support from the Help Me Grow National Center in order to better identify at-risk children Zero to age eight, as well as connect families with existing community-based resources  and services. Finding the right connection to address identified needs early can make all the difference in a young child’s healthy development and later success in school and in life.

The Core Components of HMG are:

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What would Help Me Grow Look Like in San Francisco

Ultimately, Help Me Grow San Francisco will provide our city’s young children and their families with a central point of access to developmental services and supports.

For any family or provider in San Francisco who might be:

  • Wondering about a child’s development, behavior or learning
  • Needing support to access services
  • Assisting a client, family member or friend seek information about developmental services

Help Me Grow at Support for Families will:

  • Listen to your concerns to help you decide which referrals are right for the needs of your family
  • Find services that are appropriate and available for referrals
  • Connect you and your child to services
  • Follow up to find out if you were connected to a service