Our Impact


Since 1998, First 5 has advanced a shared commitment to support San Francisco’s youngest children, their families, and the providers who work on their behalf with abundant opportunities to be healthy, to learn, and to grow.

Our work helps advance our goal to ensure that all children in the City are ready for kindergarten by 2023.

Kindergarten Readiness


64% of kids starting kindergarten have the basic skills needed to succeed


36% of kids starting kindergarten lack these skills and are likely to fall behind

We know what factors are most influential in
predicting a child's readiness for kindergarten

First 5 invests in programs and services that boost children’s opportunities by supporting these predictors of readiness:

  • Family Support
  • Local Resources (such as libraries, parks, and family resource centers)
  • Reading at Home
  • Preschool
  • Special Needs Support
  • Health & Well-Being

First 5 supports systems change and anti-racism initiatives needed to eliminate these as school readiness factors:

  • Gender & Age
  • Race & Ethnicity
  • Mother's Education
  • English Learner
  • Family Income
  • Risk Factors (such as housing instability or job loss)

Our Work

Through our initiatives, we work to address many of the factors that impact children’s kindergarten readiness:


Family Support

Parents are a child’s first and best teachers and the primary influence on a child’s development. Creating rich support networks for parents and caregivers, connecting parents to local resources, and giving them information on how to support their children’s learning, enhances their ability to fulfill this critical role in their child’s life.

childdevelopment dashboard

Child Development

Children who attend high-quality early education and preschool are more prepared for school and life-long success. Assuring broad access to high-quality early care and education in San Francisco is essential to helping children be ready for kindergarten and closing persistent gaps in the school-age years. 


Child Health

Undetected issues of health and well-being, as well as special needs, can significantly impact a child’s learning and success in school. Intervening as early as possible, and linking families to services that support their child’s needs, can dramatically improve overall positive outcomes for children and their families.

100% of San Francisco children are ready for kindergarten

A Snapshot of Where We Stand Today


Parent Support

As few as 1 in 5 families in San Francisco have help from extended family, neighbors, and friends. We need to provide support to all families with the information and resources they need to help their children thrive from the first step to the first day of kindergarten.

High-Quality Preschool

Quality makes all the difference in the ability of early learning programs to support children’s development and prepare them for a lifetime of learning. More than half of providers in San Francisco’s Quality Connections have achieved a quality rating of at least 3 stars.

Healthy Development

Fewer than half of children entering kindergarten have been screened for developmental delays. This means many young children with special needs may go without help for years, causing them to fall behind their friends and classmates.

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Family Support

First 5 San Francisco family resource centers (FRCs) provide a warm, welcoming, and respectful place where families can connect with one another, build parenting skills and knowledge, and receive supports when needed.


served in Family Resource Centers

26 Family Resource Centers provide

  • Direct services that ensure children and families are connected and thriving
  • Provider training and capacity-building to ensure services are of high quality

Supporting families

Parents served in Family Resource Centers
Parents/caregivers participated in peer support groups
Participants felt that FRCs helped them learn about services, resources, and opportunities in their community.
Parents reported in end-of year surveys that they had someone dependable to help when needed

Child Development

First 5 San Francisco helps early childhood education programs meet the highest standards of quality to ensure optimal child development and improved outcomes for all children.


Ages 0-5 in Quality Connections Classrooms

411 programs participating in Quality Connections receive

  • Quality rating and improvement supports that ensure early learning programs are of the highest quality and enable all children to reach their potential.

Increasing quality

Number of early care and education staff participating in professional development activities
Number of hours of high-level coaching instruction
Number of days of early educational trainings available a year
Child Care Homes
Family Child Care Homes

saw an overall increase in their quality after receiving quality improvement support

Child Health

Help Me Grow SF brings together families, health care providers, and early educators to ensure that all children receive developmental screenings in early childhood, and that those who need it receive access to early intervention services.


Screened for special needs

Screen. Engage. Respond. Connect.

  • Screening and follow-up support to ensure children are identified early and linked to service
  • Provider training and support to ensure services are of high quality

Intervening early

Children received developmental screening in community-based preschools and family support programs
Children screened in health clinics
Parents and children received follow-up resource and referral support