Systems Change

JG2_1740 - CopyAs someone who is personally and professionally committed to social justice and racial equity, this presidential election season has been a challenging one to stomach. I have struggled to reconcile my belief that our diversity is our greatest strength with the divisive, often violent rhetoric that gained ground across the country. Like many parents, I have found it hard to explain to my six-year-old granddaughter how meanness and hate have become socially acceptable, much less desirable traits.

There is much to reconsider and reassess. Positive change will require for our communities and nation to come together to seek progress through unity and truly hearing the voices of all. It will require we protect basic civil rights and ensure our marginalized communities are not pushed further to the edges. As President Obama said in his post-Election Day remarks, we must move forward in good faith.

First 5 is committed to working beyond good faith with advocates, community organizations, and public agencies that understand the importance of supporting all of our youngest children and most vulnerable families in their pursuit of economic security and the ability to live a healthy and vibrant life in this country.

In solidarity,
Ingrid Mezquita, Executive Director