We resolve to change the status quo.

All children should be supported to be ready for kindergarten and beyond.

And yet, too many children enter kindergarten without the skills they need to succeed. Disparities in kindergarten readiness originate from the unequal distribution of social, political, economic, and environmental resources – much of it rooted in racism. 

To achieve this vision, we need concerted efforts by all stakeholders to disrupt long-standing patterns of inequity. As an organization committed to all San Francisco families’ success, this includes our own commitment to promoting equity.

Kindergarten Readiness*


64% of children starting kindergarten have the basic skills needed to succeed


36% of children starting kindergarten lack these skills and are likely to fall behind

Children are not equally prepared for school. Glaring disparities require our immediate attention to the systems that are responsible.






Dual-Language Learners


Children with Special Needs

We know what programmatic factors are most influential in boosting a child’s readiness for kindergarten, and we invest in programs and services that support them.

Programmatic Predictors of Kindergarten Readiness:

Our Commitment to Equity

To ensure our commitment to equity is embedded throughout our work, partnerships, and culture, in September 2020, we created a resolution on equity.

A resolution is a formal position statement from First 5 San Francisco, expressing the Commission’s views, affirming important decisions, celebrating our leaders, and informing the public about issues that matter. Resolutions reflect the practices of First 5 and the needs of the City’s families and their youngest children. Resolutions shape our practices moving forward, and progress is regularly reviewed by staff and the Commission.

Our resolution on equity can be found below. To see the impact of our work, visit our Impact Dashboard. 

First 5 San Francisco's Resolution on Equity

September 18, 2020

Approved by First 5 San Francisco commission on: October 7, 2020
Last Revision: October 21, 2020

Be it resolved that the First 5 San Francisco Commission, in collaboration with the Office of Early Care and Education, condemns all forms of racism, sexism, homo/biphobia, transphobia, ableism…

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First 5 San Francisco and Office of Early Care and Education Phase 1 Joint Racial Equity Action Plan

December 29, 2020

Per the legislative mandate of the Office of Racial Equity, each City department is required to complete a Racial Equity Action Plan providing a blueprint for advancing racial equity in all aspects of the department’s work over the next three years.

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*SFUSD Kindergarten Readiness Inventory District-Wide Report, Fall 2018