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Drop-In Hours: Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm

Family Connections exists to develop strong, healthy families and to build thriving communities in the Portola and Excelsior neighborhoods. Family Connections provides opportunities for people of different backgrounds to work together cooperatively, sharing cultures, values, knowledge, and resources. Translation available in English, Cantonese, and Spanish for all programs. Vietnamese, Mandarin available upon request.

Services  Provided

Classification Service Description How to Access
Community Connections Workshops and classes Free food and childcare provided. Translation is provided in English, Cantonese and Spanish.

  • Nurturing Parents – Provides parents/caregivers with information about child development and techniques to promote emotional health and school readiness.
  • Linking for School Success – Covers topics including school enrollment, bullying prevention and response, children’s use of social media, and preparing for college.
  • Family Economic Success – This series supports families with financial knowledge and ability to navigate within various financial institutions—from banks and credit unions to government service agencies.
Drop-in, by registration
Community Connections Family and community events Community gatherings provide opportunities for families to socialize, network, share cultural practices, and have fun. Events include: Lunar New Year, Halloween, Winter Holiday, and field trips.  Drop-in
Community Connections Parent leadership and volunteer opportunities The Parent Advisory Board is a monthly forum for parents/caregivers to provide feedback on Family Connections programs, help plan community events, share resources, advocate for community needs, and build leadership skills. Free food and childcare provided. Drop-in, by registration
Community Connections Information and referrals Families are connected to internal and external resources and services. Drop-in, by appointment
Parenting Advice and Skill Building Toddlers/preschoolers playgroup A daily playgroup is offered for children ages 6-36 months and their caregivers. Parents/caregivers interact with their children to build healthy attachment and bonds with the support and guidance of skilled early childhood staff. Children play beside and with their parents/caregivers and other children, developing their social, emotional, and reasoning skills. The program includes circle-time, visits from local public librarians, healthy snacks, literacy activities, and monthly field trips throughout the San Francisco area. By registration
Parenting Advice and Skill Building Parent education Family Connections offers the evidence-based 1-2-3 Magic curriculum, a ten-week series, offered in English, Spanish and Cantonese. Appropriate for families with children ages 2-7 years old. The series helps parents encourage responsible behavior and strengthens the parent-child bond. By regsitration
Parenting Advice and Skill Building Support groups Groups are held in conjunction with early childhood activities and provide parents/caregivers a supportive space to discuss family concerns and share resources, participate in health and nutrition workshops, exercise, and cultural activities. Drop-in, by registration
Formal Supports Family advocacy/case management Intensive individual and family support addresses such needs as childcare, schools, housing, employment, and basic family needs. Clients work with case managers to create plans, set goals, and make positive changes in their lives. By appointment
Other Leveraged Services Early literacy Early literacy events and workshops engage parents/caregivers on how to support pre-, early, and multi-language literacy in their children and in the whole family. Early literacy events and Family Literacy Nights feature fun whole-family activities. By registration
Other Leveraged Services Adult English as a second language (ESL) classes Classes for adult English learners are offered daily during the City College of San Francisco semester (visit for schedule). Classes are taught by CCSF certified English language teachers for beginning to mid-level English learners. By registration
Other Leveraged Services Exercise and nutrition programs Adult exercise classes are provided, ranging from Yoga to Zumba, to Tai Chi and Chair Yoga. Exercise for children is standard throughout all of our programs. Nutrition workshops and cooking classes are offered through our Healthy Connections Initiative. Drop-n

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