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Drop-In Hours: 9:30 am – 5:30 pm

Our Family Coalition provides support to LGBTQ families through community building and seasonal cultural events, educational workshops, parenting education series, parent/peer support groups, and parent-child interactive opportunities. Our childcare provides parents and caregivers assurance of a unique, culturally responsive environment, filled with other children from LGBTQ-headed families. OFC designs programs that promote parental resilience, knowledge of parenting & child development, social connections, social & emotional competence of children, and concrete support in times of need.

Services  Provided

Classification Service Description How to Access
Community Connections Workshops and classes We provide support and resources on both LGBTQ-specific and general parenting topics in an LGBTQ-friendly environment. Topics may include child development, nutrition, and school support. Drop-in
Community Connections Family and community events Our Family Coalition hosts a number of opportunities for LGBTQ families to build community through social activities, celebrations, and festivals, such as our annual Family Garden at San Francisco Pride. These events build social support networks for LGBTQ parents and their kids and allow the children to see their families reflected in others around them. Drop-in
Community Connections Parent leadership and volunteer opportunities
  • Parent Leadership – OFC cultivates parent leadership by collaborating with LGBTQ parents to provide critical insight on the design, development, implementation, and analysis of FRC-funded activities. Our goal is to draw from the widest possible range of families, both new to OFC and longtime community members, and to support their building constructive connections.
  • Volunteer Opportunities – volunteers help support our community building events and serve as a vital resource to our team.
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Community Connections Information and referrals Our aim is to connect families to both basic necessities and specialized services, as well as to increase their knowledge of systems of care available to them. Drop-in
Parenting Advice and Skill Building Infants and babies playgroup Parentinfant classes are offered to LGBTQ parents and caregivers of infants, with the objective to support parent/caregiver bonding with their children, as well as increasing knowledge of infant physical, cognitive, and language development. Drop in
Parenting Advice and Skill Building Toddlers/preschoolers playgroup Toddler playgroups are offered to LGBTQ parents and caregivers of toddlers and Pre-K children, with the objective of promoting the child’s gross and fine motor skill development, including coordination and balance, as well as early literacy, pre-math, and social and emotional skill development, using creative physical expression through music and movement. Drop-in
Parenting Advice and Skill Building Parent education Our Positive Parenting Program 12 week series is offered for LGBTQ caregivers of children aged 2 to 12 and 13-17. Our delivery of this research-validated curriculum is the only instance we know of in the country doing so in an LGBTQ-centered context. By registration
Parenting Advice and Skill Building Support groups Our support groups allow LGBTQ parents and caregivers a place to come together to share coping strategies, to feel more empowered, and for a sense of community. By registration
Other Leveraged Services Community services
  • Trainings on Welcoming & Inclusive schools for teachers and administrators
  • Trainings on Serving LGBTQ Families for CBOs and service providers
  • Advocacy on behalf of LGBTQ Families
  • Fost-Adopt Mini Conference for LGBTQ Families
  • Events for LGBTQ prospective parents in family formation
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