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Drop-In Hours: Monday and Thursday, 9 am – 12:30 pm

Asian Family Support Center is a project of Gum Moon Women’s Residence and the Asian Women’s Resource Center and mainly serves the Richmond and Sunset communities. The program provides structured preschool activities for children to develop their motor, social, and cognitive skills. Mental health screenings and assessment are provided on-site for the children. Parent support groups and educational workshops help parents develop effective parenting and leadership skills. The programs are designed to develop and strengthen the lives of children and their families.

Services  Provided

Classification Service Description How to Access
Community Connections Workshops and classes Workshop topics are designed based on parent/caregiver interests, such as preschool enrollment, child development, health and wellness, family economic success, and other workshops. (Chinese)  By registration
Community Connections Family and community events These events provide opportunities for families to learn about different holidays and cultures in their community. They also incorporate activities designed to help parents/caregivers and children bond, and help families form connections to build community. There is at least one event each quarter.

  • Family events celebrate various national and cultural holidays such as: Halloween Trick-or-Treat, Easter Egg Hunt, and Mother’s Day.
  • Community events include: Graduation, Christmas Party, Chinese New Year Event, and Open House. 
Community Connections Information and referrals Staff will provide Information and Referral Services via phone or in-person contact. In addition to linking clients to necessary services, we will also provide assistance with document translation and forms completion. (Chinese and English) Drop-in
Parenting Advice and Skill Building Infants and babies playgroup Families with infants 0-18 months participate in activities that promote the infants’ fine/gross motor skill development, socialization, and literacy. Parents/caregivers receive information and advice on caring for their babies as well. (Chinese and English)  By registration
Parenting Advice and Skill Building Toddlers/preschoolers playgroup Families with children 2-3 years old participate in activities that promote children’s fine/gross motor skills, cognition, socialization and literacy. 

Preschool-age children 2-4 years old engage in more tasks that are intended for school readiness. Parents learn to promote child development and engagement with child learning. (Cantonese, Mandarin, and English)

By registration
Parenting Advice and Skill Building Parent education The Triple P Parenting curriculum is for children’s ages 2-12 and their parents/caregivers. (Chinese) By registration
Parenting Advice and Skill Building Support groups Support groups are available for parents/caregivers of the playgroups. (Chinese and English) By registration
Parenting Advice and Skill Building Developmental screening Receive consultation from our Child Development Specialist and/or Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant with ASQ (Ages and Stages Questionnaire) to better understand your child’s developmental milestones and ways you can help support your children or address any concerns. By registration
Formal Supports Family advocacy/case management Families receive focused guidance and coaching to achieve goals related to parenting, family relationships, obtaining benefits/supports, employment, and health. Drop-in, by referral
Other Leveraged Services Mental Health Assessments for Children Our Mental Health Consultant will conduct mental health assessments children (ages 2-3) who are enrolled in the parent-child play group. By registration

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