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Drop-In Hours: Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm

Visitacion Valley Strong Families (VVSF) focuses on building a healthy community through our community collaboration and children/parents/caregiver programs. VVSF offers safe and welcoming spaces for children and families to connect, learn and support each other.

VVSF consists of Edgewood Center for Children & Families, Samoan Community Development Center, Faces SF, Mayor’s Youth Employment & APA Family Support Services (as the lead agency).  With four locations in Visitacion Valley: 50 Raymond Ave., 1704 Sunnydale Ave., 2055 Sunnydale Ave., and 1099 Sunnydale Ave., 

Services  Provided

Classification Service Description How to Access
Community Connections Workshops and classes We provide bilingual workshops on topics such as education, literacy, self-sufficiency. child/youth development, acculturation, health and wellness, perinatal and early infancy parenting and family economic success. We will have parent and community experts to present or co-facilitate discussions. Drop-in, by registration
Community Connections Family and community events We host culturally themed family events for clients, for families to socialize and learn how to support their children’s development and learn about community resources. Drop-in, by registration
Community Connections Parent leadership and volunteer opportunities We have opportunities for parent leadership through our Parent Advisory Council and volunteer opportunities for all members of the families and other community members. By registration
Community Connections Information and referrals FRC staff can provide referrals to other community resource and services not available through the family resource center. (English, Spanish, Chinese, Samoan, Cambodian)  Drop-in, by appointment
Parenting Advice and Skill Building Infants and babies playgroup Infant Play and Glow – A playgroup for parents/caregivers and their children (0-18 months) to explore ways in supporting their child’s early development through talking, singing, reading and playing. Families have opportunities to meet other families. (English, Spanish, and Chinese)  Drop-in
Parenting Advice and Skill Building Children’s playgroup Play and Glow – A playgroup for parents/caregivers with their children (aged 0-5) to explore ways in supporting their child’s early development through talking, singing, reading and playing.  Families have opportunities to meet other families and have fun while learning about pre-literacy, skills for school readiness, social emotional skills. (English, Spanish, and Chinese)  Drop-in
Parenting Advice and Skill Building Parent education We provide Triple P Parenting series (HSA certified for child welfare involved families) for parents of children, toddler through school age. (English, Spanish, Chinese, and Samoan)  By registration
Parenting Advice and Skill Building Support groups We provide parents/caregiver support groups in Chinese, Spanish, Samoan and English.   Drop-in, by appointment
Parenting Advice and Skill Building Developmental screening Receive consultation from our Child Development Specialist and/or Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant with ASQ (Ages and Stages Questionnaire) to better understand your child’s developmental milestones and ways you can help support your children or address any concerns. By appointment
Formal Supports Family advocacy/case management Staff help remove barriers that prevent families from linking to or accessing available services. Families’ needs are addressed such as family functioning/relationships, parenting, health, mental health, intergenerational communication problems, gang activity, and truancy. (Chinese, Spanish, Samoan, Cambodian and English) By appointment
Formal Supports Elementary school age activities For parents to discuss their children’s academic challenges and learn ways to deal with their barriers: 

  • Lit. Café – Build children’s love of learning through reading, singing and playing.
  • Family Book Club – Parents/caregivers engage in fun reading activities together with their children.
Formal Supports Wellness activities
  • Yoga – For parents/caregivers to relax and practice mindfulness through yoga.
  • Zumba – Exercise and dance for all ages.
Other Leveraged Services Community services Counseling services, senior meals/activities, job readiness service, ESL classes, weekly food pantry and diaper giveaways  By registration

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