I am both terrified and excited for 2014. You see, I am only four months away from becoming a father! Excited for the idea of becoming a father and terrified for what that actually means. I have been assured that there is no hiding from the facts: Sleep deprivation is real. A spectrum of pressures and unfathomable significances await, and dinner will now be served over the kitchen sink. I have been given a guarantee that there is a cosmic array of things I don’t know, can’t know and won’t know until ….well, ever. Which, you see, turns out to be my biggest fear around becoming a dad: the unknown.


To contest the unknowns of fatherhood I went in search of knowledge and experience. What I found was a community of colleagues, friends, and family that had a breadth of knowledge, insight, and stories that left me filled with mourning for all my material goods and overjoyed with anticipation to join the fraternal order of fatherhood.


From all the stories this is what I was able to gather:


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