Systems Change

We do not wish to overshadow the other important words and information being shared, and yet we cannot be silent. So we will keep our words concise and direct.

First 5 San Francisco condemns racism in all its forms. We stand in solidarity with the Black community and unconditionally support the courageous leaders fighting for justice, and the brave marchers demanding accountability.

We commit, through our position in government, to:

  • Going deeper into our efforts to dismantle institutionalized racism;
  • Reaching farther through partnership to build more equitable systems;
  • Asking the hard questions and listening more intently;
  • Examining our own biases more closely.

We commit to backing up these words with actions, and we must never forget that:

Black lives matter.
Black families matter.
Black children and babies matter.
George Floyd and the countless numbers of Black women and men whose lives were unjustly and violently taken matter.

In partnership and solidarity,

Theresa Zighera
Interim Executive Director
First 5 San Francisco